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Heya, guys & gals. :)

I am kinda throwing this one out there...see what catches on, but for a while now, I've been very interested in collaborating with other musicians, producers, mixing enthusiasts, etc, to try and strengthen not only my craft, but to outreach amongst fellows here. I don't really have many friends or followers, but it would be fantastic to try and network around, and make some! ^_^ If people are worried, because I am kinda an unknown variable in that department (even though I have been in a few contests on the music-front), I have been collabing a bit outside of Newgrounds, mainly in conjunction with OCRemix (OverClocked Remix) albums, to some really great successes (and I hope to share what we've cooked up after the LPs' release!)

*What's my reasoning behind scouting for some collab opportunities?*

Besides networking, making friends, and just having fun, I think it'll go a long way towards strengthening my craft and cred. Over the course of this year's competitions I've been in, all of them I fell out in the last rounds of, and after asking for feedback / critique, a lot of the 'issues' seem to stem from problems in mixing (even though I do and have been really focused on getting that down, but it's still apparently problematic...) and my compositions seem to be too minimalistic, without not enough variation--or if it does, that variation is strongly supported by the soundscape rather than the melodic or harmonic bars. I don't have a whole lot of music theory under my belt, so...I'm unsure how to improve. I'm not looking for a tutor or some kind of apprentenceship-style thing (or anything that rigid/serious in nature), but I think learning from those who have the experience and know-how might go a long way. . .

*What am I interested in collabing?*

Anything and everything! :) Currently, been trying to wrap my head around just coming up with better compositions, mixing, and throwing lyrics/singing into songs, but I don't really have a genre I dislike. I think my least favourite music genre(s) are Country/Bluegrass, but I've pretty much dabbled into most stuff; Pop, 80s, 90s, synthwave, funk, e-jazz, lo-fi, hip-hop, R&B, DnB, trap, electro-swing...I'm willing to put in the effort in just doing anything that remotely sounds cool. :3 This also goes for if someone is making a game or animatic/animation, and wants to collab on the music for them. Or their artwork! Anything goes, but this is primarily a shout-out to other musicians... :D It also doesn't (necessarily) have to be restricted to only Newground submissions. I'm happy to help / do work with outside sources, like Pixel Mixers, for example, or people's solo projects.


So yeah...please, feel free to take a look at some of my work here on Newgrounds, or PM me! I super look forward to anybody/anyone feeling up for some collabing! Let's grow our skills together and make something groovy, I hope. :)


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